SMBs enabled by Prione with 1 crore plus annualized sales go up by 4 times in Hyderabad

Prione has signed up more than 14,000 SMBs nationally

Hyderabad, date: Prione, a joint venture company between Catamaran Ventures and Amazon, has seen high demand for its services from SMBs in Hyderabad. Hyderabad is one of Prione’s first offices and is amongst the top five cities in terms of number of SMBs enabled online. Prione aims to accelerate the growth of businesses by helping them to sell online to customers across India and eventually to the world. It operates 2 satellite teams in the region - in Visakhapatnam which is one of the top economic centres in India and Vijayawada which is a hub for the Telugu publishing industry.

In Telangana, businesses in the fast moving consumer goods categories have seen significant demand for their products online followed by SMBs in the pearls (jewellery) segment. There are more than 1,300 registered sellers from the region offering unique hard-to-find products to customers across India. Prione’s mission to make SMBs successful has seen strong results in Telangana - the number of sellers in Hyderabad with annualized sales of 1 crore of business has increased by 400% (in the past 3 quarters) and similarly, number of sellers in the 10 crore club has increased by an astounding 700%.

"There are millions of small and medium businesses in India with tremendous entrepreneurial spirit and energy. As customers migrate to online commerce, we help these businesses make the shift towards the digital channel by investing in awareness, training, capability uplifting and continuous advisory and support services. We aspire to be a trusted partner at every point of a businesses’ lifecycle in online selling. Our ambition is to enable the world’s largest and most engaged SMB client base. At Prione, we have seen a growth of more than 58% in sellers enabled online over the first three quarters of 2015. In Hyderabad alone, the demand has exceeded our projections with more than 750 businesses going online over the last two quarters. “, said Mr. Shariq Plasticwala, CEO, Prione.

In the past year, Prione has enabled 14,000+ SMBs to sell online. Most of these businesses were run for decades as traditional offline stores and their transition to online is a step by step process. The critical friction areas faced by small businesses while trying to transition online are lack of awareness and understanding of ecommerce, lack of adequate and relevant resources, inability to create a digital catalog of their products, challenge with logistics and customer service. Recognizing the need for continuous support, Prione has worked backwards and designed services which not only help SMBs get started, but also help them manage and grow their business online. For instance its JumpStart service introduces businesses to the benefits of ecommerce and trains them on all aspects of online selling including recommending fulfilment services and developing SMB capabilities to deliver best in class customer service. The high satisfaction of SMBs with these services has resulted in more than 35% of Prione’s (business) customers referring at least one other business to Prione.

'Pearls Cart', a local jewelry brand started selling online with the help of Prione. They have seen tremendous growth every month within 3 months of starting online sales. “The major change in our business was seen when Prione advised and trained us on using an inventory management product. The Prione team has always been supportive in every way, from registering, to error fixing, training, and advising us on strategies to boost our online sales growth.”

About Prione

Prione is a joint venture between Catamaran Ventures and Amazon, where Catamaran is the majority shareholder. Prione's vision is to enable small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the fast growing digital economy by creation and upliftment of SMB capabilities. It has 30+ offices with 450+ employees in India with a geographical reach of 100+ cities.

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