Prione expands its operations by opening its 30th location in Rajkot, Gujarat

Prione has enabled more than 14,000 SMBs go online across the country

Gujarat, Date: Prione, a joint venture company between Catamaran Ventures and Amazon, recently launched its 30th office in Rajkot enabling businesses in the region to tap into the rapidly increasing online customer base. This is Prione’s third office in Gujarat after Ahmedabad and Surat. Prione’s inspiration to open an office in Rajkot was the production of heritage handcrafts in the neighbouring Rann of Kutch and Bhuj which is brought to Rajkot by small businesses and artisans. Crafts such as ethnic embroidery, patchwork, terracotta, wood carving and seashell toys produced from this region are in demand across India. Prione’s aim is to support these heritage crafts by empowering their makers to benefit from the fast growing digital marketplace, sell online to customers across India and eventually to the world.

In Gujarat, there has been a strong growth in small and medium businesses selling online – in fact, in the last two quarters alone, the growth rate of businesses using Prione’s services has been more than 250%. The most represented categories from the state have been Apparel and Home (handmade), which account for 47% of the businesses from Gujarat which have moved online. Prione has conducted special workshops and trainings where SMBs are educated and trained on ecommerce and have been provided a dedicated Point of Contact who handholds them till their business goes live. In Ahmedabad, a workshop is held every week for the local business community. Apart from local workshops, Prione has invested in conducting large scale conferences in partnership with like-minded business associations: the most recent conference was conducted with the Kitchenware Manufacturers association which saw more than 100 businesses attend and express interest to sell online.

“There are millions of small and medium businesses in India with tremendous entrepreneurial energy and spirit. As customers migrate to online commerce, we help these businesses make the shift towards the digital channel by investing in awareness, training, capability uplifting and continuous advisory and support services. We aspire to be a trusted partner at every point of a businesses’ lifecycle in online selling. Our ambition is to enable the world’s largest and most engaged SMB client base. We are very excited with our progress in Gujarat where we have seen 1,000+ businesses go online with extraordinary quarter on quarter growth in demand. SMBs in Gujarat, particularly those who excel in manufacturing and production have constantly expressed the need of a partner who will help them market and sell their products to a large customer base across India. This is the need we envision to fulfill. We are overwhelmed with the response to our services in Gujarat and are thankful to the business community in the state for their trust." said Mr. Shariq Plasticwala, CEO, Prione

In the past year, Prione has enabled 14,000+ SMBs to sell online. Most of these businesses were run for decades as traditional offline stores and their transition to online has been a step by step process. The critical friction areas faced by small businesses while trying to transition online are lack of awareness and understanding of ecommerce, lack of adequate and relevant resources, inability to create a digital catalog of their products, challenges with logistics and customer service. Recognizing the need for continuous support, Prione has worked backwards and designed services which not only help SMBs get started, but also help them manage and grow their business online. For instance its JumpStart service introduces businesses to the benefits of ecommerce and trains them on all aspects of online selling including recommending fulfilment services and developing SMB capabilities to deliver best in class customer service. The services are delivering the desired impact - in the past 6 months alone, businesses with annualized sales of 1cr have increased by 300% and businesses with annualized sales of 10cr+ have increased by 700%. Further, the high satisfaction of SMBs with these services has resulted in more than 35% of Prione’s (business) customers referring at least one other business to Prione.

Recently, Dhyey Creations from Surat started selling Fashion Accessories and Home & Kitchenware online. Within 6 months they have grown from a one man operation to 4 people thereby creating local employment. Shri Riddhi Damji Ajudiya from Dhyey said "We thank Prione for making the onboarding process so easy and smooth. They helped us in all aspects starting from registration to product listing and selling process. Within one month, our business has flourished. Adopting Prione’s recommended logistics solution has been a win-win for customers and us. With the inventory and logistics management product, we are relieved of packing and shipping. Our customer gets fast delivery, we can focus more on growing the business rather than managing logistics. This change has nearly doubled our sales and customer satisfaction is very high. Thanks to Prione for making online selling so joyful.”

About Prione

Prione is a joint venture between Catamaran Ventures and Amazon, where Catamaran is the majority shareholder. Prione's vision is to enable small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the fast growing digital economy by creation and upliftment of SMB capabilities. It has 30+ offices with 450+ employees in India with a geographical reach of 100+ cities.

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