Manage Your Online Business


More and more customers are moving to online shopping today and this trend will continue in the future. This provides new market opportunities for sellers who want to take advantage of these e-commerce opportunities.

The Prione team is dedicated to helping SMBs understand and succeed in this digital economy. We help you understand how best to serve customers by understanding their likes and dislikes. We provide customized business intelligence and sales reports to help you select the right products for selling, suitable pricing and the right amount of inventory. You can reach a large population across India and create a loyal customer base with great customer service and also increase profits by improving efficiencies.


It has been proven that great customer service creates loyal and repeat customers. We help SMBs become more efficient by checking delivery performance and customer reviews. We help you address any communication issues with the customers and to deal with negative customer reviews.

We will advise you on choosing the right courier partner to ensure a smooth customer experience and better business performance. Delivery associates will pick up orders from your location and deliver the product to the buyers with minimal effort from your side. Customers can track their shipment and be guaranteed faster and predictable delivery.


We provide SMBs the flexibility to select and manage service regions, service levels, delivery times, delivery charges and rate models. We advise you on how to choose the right product for your online business if you deal with bulky, heavy, valuable or perishable goods. Using our recommended tools, you can sell to specific regions, sell at specific prices and delivery rates. You have the freedom to select the region and prices based on your product.

Grow Your Online Business


We believe that you would be busy with growing your business by focusing on procurement. We will help you with storage of inventory, packing and shipping across India and world class customer service by introducing you to right e-commerce products. We will introduce you to world-class fulfillment resources, fast, free delivery options, and trusted, acclaimed customer service which will also make your offers (products) more competitive and ensure higher sales.


With the expansion of online industry, the number of products getting sold online are also increasing exponentially and hence there is a need to showcase your products to increase sales. Prione helps SMBs to register and use self-service advertising program to promote products on the online platform.


We provided personalized services by assigning an exclusive account manager*

*Applicable for eligible sellers

A professional team of more than 80 Account Managers, who have collectively managed & grown 10,000 new online businesses since June 2014 in 50+ cities in India

Data driven insights and business reports to help you understand market needs and make good business decisions.

We support you through the process of understanding e-commerce and selecting new products that will grow your business

We support you with business intelligence, performance monitoring and other aspects of online selling, so you can concentrate on your most important task: sourcing and pricing

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