Put your product in the limelight on the biggest e-commerce site in India. With delivery to 100% of all pin codes in India, reach millions of active shoppers through targeted ads on desktop and mobile, how are you leveraging this dedicated access to potential, interested buyers? Amazon advertising is your solution to harnessing this massive exposure and strategically placing your products in the right place at the right time.

Prione will skilfully help you in deploying Amazon advertising services right from scratch and even help you measure and analyse the performance metrics of your ads so you can get better ROI. Get ready to drive traffic and improve visibility of your products and scale up your online sales.


With Amazon advertising, you can advertise with the right intent ensuring the right outcomes for your efforts to the right audience. Pulling attention is the first step; getting your potential customers to engage with your product is the second step. When engaged in an effective manner, sales conversion is an imminent result then.

Use Amazon’s native metric measurement and reporting solutions to easily gauge this impact. Get a comprehensive report that accurately measures your ad campaign impact; provides unique metrics like page views; reveals valuable insights via customer’s shopping activities; and much more.


Understanding customer interaction, journey and shopping insights via Amazon’s native measurement solutions, you can effectively regulate your sales with Amazon advertising. Let insights acquired from data mining drive higher sales for you with periodic shifts in your marketing strategies. Wisely choose top-selling products, decide target keywords and make smarter bids on clicks – Prione will help you right from setting your campaign to controlling your costs.


10,000+ new online businesses launched on Amazon across 50+ cities.

Personalised service with dedicated account managers.

End to end support for imaging, cataloging, image & data enrichment on Amazon.

We assist you right from launch to managing and growing your business.

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